‘To be a Baloch is to embrace death’

"To  be a Baloch is to embrace death"

This quote from a news article of Express Tribune – one of Pakistan’s leading English dailies that have continuously given relative coverage to the Balochistan and the worsening human rights situation there — sums up the whole Baloch problem with Islamabad.

For the latter, the only good Baloch is a dead Baloch and that’s the reason it has been engaged in what many foreign commentators familiar with Balochistan call a ‘slow-motion genocide’ of Baloch people.

I really admire Express Tribune and some other English dailies in Pakistan that have tried to give some coverage to Balochistan despite military’s almost unsurmountable pressure to rub things under the carpet as far as its alleged human rights violations go.

And hats off to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan for dedicating the International Human Rights Day in Pakistan to the people of Balochistan.