A day at the Comcast Arena: Silvertips lose to the Thunderbirds

Everett Silvertips playing Seattle Thunderbirds

Ice Hockey was alien to me to the extent that Field Hockey is familiar to Indians and Pakistanis. The latter, in fact, is the national game of both India and Pakistan, but it is not  much of a fascination to me. However, the former did become one today. I went to watch an Ice Hockey (Americans just call it Hockey) today with my friends here in Everett at the Comcast Arena, which is a big indoor facility for many sporting and other entertainment events held in the city.

Today’s game was a part of the Western Hockey League between the Everett Silvertips and the Seattle Thunderbirds. I had bought the ticket for the game some three weeks ago as around 100 tickets were sold on campus at a discounted price of $10 for the college students. Read More…