Moving from Print to Broadcast

We are almost into the mid of Winter Quarter at school as the fourth week of classes comes to an end. Like the previous weeks, I also learnt many things taught in classes and otherwise. However, this week offered a different taste of journalism in my Media Writing class. From somewhat boring lessons about print journalism, we moved onto a different genre of journalism—broadcast. This week, the class focused on radio journalism. Continue reading


Joggling and Life

Life is like a joggling competition, says Mark Wilson, a friend of mine in Media Writing class at the college.

Mark is an American student and a very nice person. He often discusses interesting things with us, the CCID students, after the class. Yesterday he drew this perfect analogy between joggling, a competitive sport that involves juggling and jogging, and life. In simple words, what he meant to say is that life is a race in which one needs to struggle in order to succeed while remaining focused on goals. In joggling, balance and attention are paramount for success. Likewise, in life it takes a lot of focus, attention, and hard work to be at the forefront. Continue reading